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Viktor Sjöberg (b. 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden) resides in Escondido, California. For over a decade he has been creating his own musical universe, exploring the borderlands between experimental music and pop. He has done so with solo albums for Kalligrammofon & St. Ives, as a leader of his own jazz ensemble and for some years as a core member of Jens Lekman's live band. Someone even deemed Sjöberg to be a Swedish Arthur Russell.

HOUSE MASTER is his fifth release on Kalligrammofon, and a leap towards an unmistakable pop sound. Sjöberg traces the origin of HOUSE MASTER back to an early crate digging adventure: "I found a Chicago House compilation LP in the cutout bin at the local second hand record store when I was 9 years old. HOUSE MASTER is my derailed attempt at recreating the world that opened up to me at that moment.”

It is a successful attempt, as HOUSE MASTER is an album that offers its listeners an organic, orchestrated and rich musical experience, yet at the same time it works as a perfect tribute to its main influences: The original masters of the Chicago house music scene.

TRACKLIST: A1. When Leaves are Falling in Chicago A2. Coast A3. Midrange A4. In the Great Tradition of Writing Songs about your Hometown B1. No Way Back B2. Never Thought B3. Multitude

As a physical artefact HOUSE MASTER is being released as a limited edition vinyl LP that comes with a 630x630 mm foldout poster featuring artwork by Ashleah Sjöberg.