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Viktor Sjöberg

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Viktor Sjöberg (b. 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden) resides in Escondido, California. For over a decade he has been creating his own musical universe, exploring the borderlands between experimental music and pop. He has done so with solo albums for Kalligrammofon & St. Ives, as a leader of his own jazz ensemble and for some years as a core member of Jens Lekman's live band. Someone even deemed Sjöberg to be a Swedish Arthur Russell.

HOUSE MASTER is his fifth release on Kalligrammofon, and a leap towards an unmistakable pop sound. Sjöberg traces the origin of HOUSE MASTER back to an early crate digging adventure: "I found a Chicago House compilation LP in the cutout bin at the local second hand record store when I was 9 years old. HOUSE MASTER is my derailed attempt at recreating the world that opened up to me at that moment.”

It is a successful attempt, as HOUSE MASTER is an album that offers its listeners an organic, orchestrated and rich musical experience, yet at the same time it works as a perfect tribute to its main influences: The original masters of the Chicago house music scene.

TRACKLIST: A1. When Leaves are Falling in Chicago A2. Coast A3. Midrange A4. In the Great Tradition of Writing Songs about your Hometown B1. No Way Back B2. Never Thought B3. Multitude