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«On a winter's day» CD

Viktor Sjöberg


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Viktor Sjöberg has been working in various fields of music over the past years. He started to compose music around 1995 and, using his own words, this music was built around a naïve idea of what hip hop could be. More often than not, it failed, with the end result not even remotely resembling hip hop. This was the starting point. As time went by, actual hip hop was produced and therefore producing real hip hop soon became boring and predictable. New ideas came into play and I began developing my sample based music, my firm belief being that hip hop is the ultimate free form music.

Today the musical expressions of Viktor Sjöberg are diverse but consistent. His soundscapes are unambiguously urban. His use of rough, often unprocessed field recordings as well as his sampling of phonograph records, creates a musical output which is as aware as it is attentive.

On a winter's day is with no doubt about motion. It is in many ways an album that captures the relations and dynamics between the sometimes dramatic development of everyday life and the constant changes in nature. I find that its fragile yet shimmering atmosphere describes an ambivalence, moving between feelings of reverence and an anxiety that is caused by a lack of control.

Viktor himself describes the album like this:
On a winter's day is based around a musical theme which was constructed by stealing the opening chords of a very famous pop song. These few chords provided a sketchy foundation which was approached and abandoned in several ways. On a winter's day revolves around the sound of the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is the number one instrument used when musicians try to create the illusion of intimacy and authenticity, and the decision to reflect a very personal experience through acoustic guitar is a playful way of criticizing as well as acknowledging that myth. On a winter's day tells a story of love. The setting is Gothenburg, Sweden.