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«Skull of Sade II» 7

Solo Senza Testa

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Jonas Rosén (former frontman of Asterisk* & Female Anchor of Sade) continues to experiment with sound under his new moniker Senza Testa. This EP, a vinyl only release, is his second take on dub music (the first one being "Skull of Sade", the majestic opening track on The Female Anchor of Sade LP released in 2001 by Lady Godiva Operations). This is what Jonas tells us about the recordings:

"Together with the brainchild "Den ekumeniska seglatsens kapell2 I recorded these two songs as a tribute to Marquis de Sade in general and The Female Anchor of Sade in particular. It's the first song I've ever recorded not influenced directly from the enourmous Red Elephant. It is in many ways a sequel to the work I put into the first Skull more than a decade ago. Things have changed since then but the skull remains intact. I think it was found a few years ago and eventually sold on ebay...