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«Big Bear Small Bear» Tape

Duo Senza Testa


Senza Testa continues to write stories (or fables) with sound on this beautiful tape release. Two long tracks, the first one being Tangerine Dreamesque ambient & the other one a mildly disturbing noise piece.

"Big Bear - Small Bear re-introduces the concept of the bear from Fabula. At first a challenger but later a companion to the great Red Elephant. Along with him he has the invisible small bear. A brother, a twin soul and in many ways an antagonist. It's the typical Cain and Abel sort of deal, only in bear form. The music on this cassette is an illustration and representation of both characters. As they are, they are quite different from eachother, but also one and the same. This release marks the first effort as a duo, introducing the handcraft of Landins (both in hardware as well as musicianship). He is also now very much plagued by the epic disease which is the Red Elephant. Stay tuned as the story unfolds."

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