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«Songbread / Another Ocean» Tape

Bird by snow


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Place is important. BIRD BY SNOW was formed in the weather, wild, and little towns of Northern California. Cold water, dark woods. Fog in the branches, sunlight through a Pelican-wing. Abundance in all directions. This is the place that has informed the aesthetic of the whole Lo-fi, Pacific Northwest Indie Scene. Bird By Snow can be seen there too, but not limited to one view, instead at home in the limitless, expanding west. You'll find genres bent as if light through a prism. Song-craft as ritual, where themes of primitivism, pagan meditations, and transcendent dronings breathe deeply. Only one constant member: words, tunes, recording and much playing by Fletcher Tucker.

This is the cassette version of Fletcher Tuckers 3rd album under his moniker Bird by Snow. Originally released as Lp and Cd in 2009 on Gnome Life Records.