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Tsukimono is the moniker of Johan Gustavsson, a Malmö based musician whose works includes collaborations with and memberships of various bands and ensembles like Alina, Conduo Orchestra and Scraps of Tape, only mentioning a few. As Tsukimono, where working mainly with electronics and processed guitar, his musical output has moved (and is still moving) between repetitive and incidential aswell as between sad, angst ridden and cute, even. Though his work ranges from guitar improvisation and neo-classical composing through glitchmetal and laptop collagery, I have never underestimated Johans talents as a composer, instead finding his works to be stringent, warm and soulful. Delicate even in its most harsh moments.

Née is the debut album from Tsukimono and Johan himself describes it like this:

Née is less an album of songs than it is an album of photos. It was recorded, deleted and rerecorded/edited during a period spanning almost 3 years at various locations around the world, mainly Sweden. Fond memories. Bad memories. Faulty memories. Needed memories. Don't read too much into this please. It's only music after all. peace.

Though I find this description a bit contradictory, I must say these songs or photos, blurry or sharp, develops their own mesmerizing narratives. Glowing and living beyond narrow labelling, Née approaches the experimental with a sad pop sensibility.