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«Ur Nattens Prinsessa» LP

Peder Nabo


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Peder Nabo (b. 1952) resides in a small village outside of Kalmar, Sweden. Nabo has been a professional musician and composer for over thirty years, mostly creating works for film and theatre. Since 1973 he is also a member of the progressive rock band Ragnarök.

Ur Nattens Prinsessa is his first album released as a "solo" effort and Peder tells us about it, in his own words:

"I got the idea for this album, when realizing that I actually enjoyed playing electric guitar. I hadn´t owned a guitar since the seventies so it took me about seven years and seven guitars to explore that world of sound and to transpose my songs for that instrument. It was only after I met Niclas Höglind & Kristofer Johanson (ex. Jazzunit) and started to collaborate with them that the music got the feedback I felt it was in need of."

I allowed my guitars to twang while Niclas, who is a master of generating unexpected sounds from his eight string guitar, used a vast amount of pedals. As a fourth member in the process violinist Géza Polonýi became involved.

The title of the album during process was "Dark Twang" and I wanted us to make music for electric guitar that was subdued. Music that didn´t fear being calm and melancholic.

We finished the album and with exceptions made for the use of drums, flute and a tenor saxophone it was made using mainly vibrating metal as sources material; Steel stringed guitars as well as steel tongued pianos and accordion. This was a limitation I wanted to explore."

The album is characterized by a suggestive mood that is poetically stringent. Peder Nabo is letting the light at dusk refract using his own unique musical prism, and the songs form an entity that should be described as a dreamy and atmospheric soundscape built around the use of electric guitars.

The album comes in two different versions.

The vinyl version, entitled "Ur Nattens Prinsessa" has been curated by and is being released by Kalligrammofon. It´s a 6 track version with the songs presented in a different order.

The 12 track CD version is released by Peder Nabo’s own label Nabophone and it is entitled "Nattens Prinsessa".