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Testbild! are known as an somewhat secretive group with a sound that mixes melodic and cinematic pop music with influences from 60s jazz and avantgarde sound experimentation. Prior to the release of Barrikad, which is their first work to be released by Kalligrammofon, they have released albums, a couple of Eps and contributed to compilations on labels such as Friendly Noise and Radio Khartoum. Last year they collaborated with Louis Philippe in a project named The Ocean Tango. The members of Testbild! resides in Malmö, Stockholm and London.

Barrikad is the sixth album from Testbild! On this one they have limited themselves to make an (almost entirelly) acoustic album with lyrics sung in the Swedish language. Barrikad could be described as an chamber pop album centered round a lot of guitars, horns, a harpsichord and a church organ.

As a physical artifact Barrikad is a vinyl only release, in an edition of 300 copies, with stunningly beautiful artwork by Rikard Heberling and Jacob Grønbech Jensen. It comes with a 945mm x 630mm art poster and coupons for digital download.