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«S/T» LP

Death And Vanilla




March 13th 2012 is the release date of the debut album from Malmös Death And Vanilla. It’s brought to you by Hands In The Dark and Kalligrammofon.

Nine songs, or psychedelic kraut lullabies using the duos own words, of dark arcane pop music, that draws influences from library music, electronic pioneer works and french & italian movie soundtracks from the 50s and 60s.

Using dreamy vocals, ghostlike samples, vibraphonette, spring reverbs and Moog synthezisers as their means, the supernatural is an important factor for Death And Vanilla as aesthetic source material and methodological starting-point.

As a physical artefact the self titled album will be released on both vinyl and cd. The vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies on yellow colored vinyl and the cd edition is limited to 150 copies that comes with a Digipack sleeve.

A second edition of vinyls have been made. 300 copies on white vinyl.