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«No Words b/w Girls, girls, girls/Kontichstraat (2006 edit)» CDEP

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words / Viktor Sjöberg & Jonas Odhner


This ep is the first release in whats going to become the Kalligrammofon split series. Limited edition releases on CD-R in exquisite packaging followed by an mp3 release of the featured songs.

"Dead letters spell out dead words is the specter that haunts Thomas Ekelund.....the ghost
by which Ekelund performs sonic exorcism, unleashing his bleak and twisted vision into
the material world...Culling found sounds from his habitat, twisting in inspiration from
60's girl groups, and molding it together with the last gasps of vinyl noise, Dead
Letters Spell Out Dead Words gives birth to what one might name concrete drone pop.

Viktor Sjöberg & Jonas Odhner are both members of swedish minimalist pop group Sonores. Both also has musical backgrounds originating in hip hop, Odhner "that made his first mark in the swedish music scene as an inventive scratch deejay before picking up the guitar" and Sjöberg as a composer with a "firm belief in hip hop as the ultimate free form music."

On this release Dead letters spell out dead words gives us a new chapter of his "No words" epic. This one being a grasping dark drone piece in a pulsing repetative mood. Sjöberg & Odhner starts out with a short collage of processed field recordings before their piece moves forward through soundscapes mostly built around repetative ambient electronics and guitar harmonics.