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«Sometimes b/w The Fan» CDEP

Kopia/The Field



Released as the second part of the Kalligrammofon split series. This means another limited cd-r edition with, at least partially, handmade artwork by Kalligrammofon design, and the recording brings you 21-century disco inferno from two of Swedens most interesting dance music acts.

The highly melodic and sad disco tune from Douglas Holmqvist's (Jian, Alina, Testbild!, Auton) Kopia: "Sometimes" is pure heartbreaking pop with lightly shaded vocals and a slick saxophone that tells a story of love. It also makes a somewhat nice contrast to the non vocal minimal techno pop of Axel Willner's The Field who brings us some of his darkest work ever. "The fan" is piece of what can be described as "droneish" minimal techno based on electric guitar sounds and it has an almost passive aggressive feeling to it.

Limited edition 25 copies on black cd-r.