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«Silent Fields» CD-R

Martin Herterich




Martin Herterich lives in and works from Stockholm. He used to be apart of the the drone/noise project Sekvens. "Silent Fields" is Martins first full-length as a solo artist and this is what he tells us about these recordings:

"Silent Fields is a deeply personal recording, inspired by the tragic accident I was involved in back in August 2007, which took the life of
two very dear friends."

"This collection of songs was actually never intended to be released. I was afraid of letting go of something this personal to me. For a brief period of time, I considered abandoning music altogether, or at least never to mention this theme in my works. The pain and regret was so overwhelming, I simply didn?t know how to approach it. I hit a creative roadblock, believing that nothing I could accomplish musically would be good enough."

"Still, I continued playing live and fiddling with my piano and tape recorders, and ended up finishing six tracks in about a year. These six tracks make up Silent Fields, and are in a way either dedicated to my friends or inspired by the accident which left us all this broken-hearted. För er, Malin och Jesper."

"Silent Fields" cd-r is limited to 100 copies with super sized covers and professionally printed artwork.