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«Heart Attack Money» CD


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Tsukimono is the moniker of Johan Gustavsson, a musician whose works includes collaborations with and memberships of various bands and ensembles like Alina, Conduo Orchestra and Scraps of Tape. His new album is entitled Heart Attack Money (it's his second for Kalligrammofon) and it carries a feeling of intimacy that is truly rare.

Heart Attack Money may be more stripped down than any other Tsukimono work but the soundscapes grabs you by the heart. It's delicate songwriting, dressed in feelings of blue. The album also proves the diversity of Tsukimono by bringing us heartbreaking piano pieces, high pitched electronic composition as well as beautiful vocals on nice pop songs. "Heart Attack Money" is Johans strongest work to date and this is what he tells us about it:

"Heart Attack Money was written behind the wheel of a car going approximately 80 miles per hour for 2 years in a row. It's a record about only feeling really free when running, moving, GETTING there. Songs about feeling that you're never at the place that you want to or should be at. It's about not wanting to grow up I guess, about some naive high school Kerouac-dream in the middle of Svensson-Sweden."

"It's a collection of honest music."