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«Sally Hill EP» Tape

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words



Like a young Werther with a mohawk haircut and worn out nail polish Thomas Ekelund has been formulating his musical letters with machines and concrete sources of sound for some years now. Under the moniker of Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words he has released mp3 releases, ep's and albums influenced by, or carrying traces of melancholic pop music, music concrete and the pale harshness of early industrial music.

This is the re-release of one of Thomas finest releases: The Sally Hill EP (originally released in 2005). "Dedicated to things lost and destroyed and to not remembering what it was like" these songs form an entity that really fits the tape format in which it's now released. From it's melodic opening track, which is DLSODW:s definitive take on 60s girl groups, through it's layered microtonal compositions this is haunted beauty (which of course is one of DLSODW:s most well known trademarks). A must have in the vast discography of Thomas Ekelund.

First edition of 50 copies!